Bolsonaro should keep BRL 4.9 billion for electoral fund in the 2022 Budget

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President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) must maintain the amount of R$ 4.9 billion for the electoral fund in the 2022 Budget. A few days ago, a wing of the government started to work to rescue the amount initially established by Congress, of R$ 5.7 billion.

According to sources heard by the CNN, however, the decision at this point was not to recompose the increase in resources for the campaigns, preventing the president himself from being criticized.

The deadline for sanctioning the Budget ends this Friday (21). Bolsonaro is expected to veto R$3.1 billion in expenses approved by Congress to recompose expenditures that were underestimated. THE CNN found that the Planalto Palace’s effort was to prevent these cuts from reaching parliamentary amendments. One of the moves under discussion was to cut part of these resources from the so-called commission amendments.

The Budget provides for R$ 3.6 billion for these expenses, of which R$ 1.7 billion corresponds to the reserve for granting readjustments to public servants. The government decided to keep these resources preserved. In other words, there would be R$ 1.9 billion left over from this allocation to be cut. The idea is that the cut of expenses comes out of discretionary expenses of some ministries.

Although the resources for the readjustment of servers must be preserved, government officials say that there is still no definition on how President Jair Bolsonaro will use the value.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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