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Boric tells supporters in Chile that it is necessary to “talk to those who think differently”

When speaking to supporters who gathered this Saturday (30) for a demonstration in his favor, the president of Chile, Gabriel Boric, said: “We are not going to be satisfied with just those who we know think the same way as us. We have to go one step further. We have to talk to those who think differently, respecting those who think differently.”

Boric added: “We have seen in recent times demonstrations by other groups that do not respect anyone who thinks differently. Let’s not be like them.”

Protesters gathered in front of La Moneda Palace, in an event that the president highlighted took place without contribution or encouragement from the government, organized spontaneously through social media.

Boric looked out the window before going down to greet supporters. When referring to the criticism he has received for participating in demonstrations, he said that the dignity of his position “lies in being alongside the people and with the people”.

The Chilean president also asked that expressions of support should not be directed at him, but rather at “the ideas we defend, without losing sight of what we want to change in society”.

“May this square full of flags, this square full of collective identity, which moves and mobilizes, also be contagious”, he said.

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*Published by Fernanda Pinotti, with information from CNN in Spanish

Source: CNN Brasil

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