“Boris 4” will be made and will arrive on Disney +

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The time has come to go back to “smarmellate” and to do things sciuè sciuè or, as René Ferretti would have said, “to dog shit”. After years of petitions and appeals dropped into thin air, confirmation comes from Alberto Di Stasio, the historic production manager de The eyes of the heart who, during a live on Twitch with Kovone, announces that, yes, a fourth season of Boris, the series that courageously told the behind the scenes of a fourth-rate Italian set, it will be done. «I have had many experiences with television, up to Boris, Boris 2, Boris 3 and, I say it softly, we will do the fourth set of Boris» Di Stasio confessed, explaining that filming will begin this summer and then land on TV between next winter and early next year.

The most delicious news is that the series will not land on Netflix where, at the moment, the first three seasons are visible, but in the new Star section, the one that will host, among others, all Fox products on the platform. Disney+ starting February 23. Along with the euphoria of the announcement, however, there is also the uncertainty about the actors who will choose to take back their characters in Boris 4: «I don’t know who will be there, because they are still writing it. Luca Vendruscolo and Giacomo Ciarrapico are at work, unfortunately without poor Mattia Torre “ Di Stasio reiterated even if, to tell the truth, a reunion of the cast had been talked about several times over the last few years and on the same initiative of Lorenzo Mieli, the CEO of the production company The Apartment.

On the possibility of returning to the set and giving new stories he had also expressed himself a Republic the screenwriter Luca Vendruscolo, explaining that everything would be done “in memory of Mattia”. “If we can do something that gives us the feeling that Mattia from up there is not spitting in our face, we will do it”, he had said during an event organized by the boys of Cinema America, meeting, then, the full availability of Alessandro Tiberi, i.e. the intern Alessandro, of Caterina Guzzanti (Arianna Dell’Arti), Paolo Calabresi (Augusto Biascica) and Carolina Crescentini ( Corinna Negri) to reprise their roles. However, the great one will be missing from the original group Roberta Fiorentini, that is the production secretary, Italy, who passed away in 2019 at the age of 70.

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