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Boris Johnson has resigned as an MP

THE Boris Johnson resigned from Member of Parliament in the British parliament, as the investigation against him continues regarding the violations he is accused of committing, during the period when the country was in lockdown due to the coronavirus.

This fact means that elections will be held to fill the vacant seat.

“It is very sad that I am leaving parliament – ​​at least for now. I am being forced by a handful of people, who have no evidence to support their claims and without the approval of even members of the Conservative party and, much less, the electorate,” he said in his statement.

Earlier today the list of people who Johnson, as a former prime minister, proposed to be given honours, titles of nobility or seats in the House of Lords was made public. This list is drawn up by former prime ministers and reviewed by a government committee and Downing Street.

The list includes his Brexit campaign allies, former government colleagues, a hairdresser, but not his father, Stanley Johnson. The Times newspaper reported in March that Boris Johnson would ask for a knighthood for his father, but his name is not on the list. But there are the names of former Home Secretary Priti Patel (she takes the title “Dame”) and Eurosceptic MP Jacob Rees-Mogg (she becomes “Sir”).

Also on the list of advisers, speechwriters and personal assistants recommended is the name of Kelly Dodge, a hairdresser in Parliament.

Source: News Beast

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