Botswana-Fauci mutation: US studies data to decide on travel bans

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An alarm has been brought worldwide new Botswana mutation that is of concern to scientists while at the same time making countries one after another decide on new travel bans.

Leading epidemiologist Anthony Fauci also took a stand, saying on Friday that banning flights from South African countries is also a possibility that the United States is gathering data on the new coronavirus variant.

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It is noted that a decision to stop the flights has not been made yet.

“It is always possible to do what the United Kingdom did, to exclude travel from South Africa and related countries.” said Dr. Fauci on CNN.

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“It simply came to our notice then. We are prepared to do anything to protect Americans. “But we want to confirm that there is a basis for that,” he said.

“Obviously, as soon as we find more information, we will make a decision as soon as possible,” the leading epidemiologist told the Athens News Agency.

THE Anthony Fauci He added that “American scientists will be talking to their counterparts in South Africa today about a new variant called B.1.1.529 that has raised concerns about transmissibility and its ability to overcome immune barriers. “There is no indication that the new variant is already in the US.”

Global concern about the Botswana mutation

Delta mutation

Authorities around the world have reacted with concern to the discovery of the new variant. The European Union and Britain have stepped up border controls, as scientists try to determine if the variant is resistant to vaccines.

The World Health Organization has advised not to take hasty travel measures, and South Africa has said that the imposition of travel measures by London seems hasty.

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