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Boyfriend writes his vows and they criticize him because they are “macho”

Weddings are usually very moving, because seeing two people who love each other always touches our most sensitive side, because although many doubt and question it, we do have feelings! That is why the moment we pay the most attention and when we take out the handkerchiefs is during the wedding vows, because we will surely cry.

However, on this occasion most of us cry but with anger when we hear a young man tell his wife in her vows that “she must learn to cook.”

people crying at a wedding

We met this man thanks to the photographer Jonathan Pajak, who shared on his TikTok account some videos where the boyfriend identified as Michael Lentini is reading his vows to his now wife Destiny. The boyfriend’s words were such that he even managed to make the girlfriend uncomfortable after he not only exposed her sex life, but also showed some of her macho thinking.

There are only two things required to keep me happy: keep my tummy full and my balls empty. Even though you’re great at one, you really need me to give you cooking lessons.

wedding couple getting married

In this video you can hear how some guests laugh, but it is perceptible that some laughs are uncomfortable, in fact, at a certain moment, the bride appears a little embarrassed when in reality she should feel loved and, above all, respected at that such an important day in his life.

Of course, this action of the boyfriend was not to the liking of the users of the social network and there were even those who recommended Destiny to divorce Michael for “vulgar and macho”.

Michael Lentini on his wedding day

Among the comments from Internet users, severe criticism of the groom could be appreciated, since the moment of the vows was not the only uncomfortable episode, since at the beginning of Jonathan’s video, the groom is seen before starting the ceremony, telling the camera that “expects to have a lot of sex. A lot”.

However, after receiving so many opinions, Destiny posted on her social networks that they have been together for ten years, but that they decided to get married until now. In addition, she stressed that she loved her husband’s vows because she showed her sense of humor as part of her personality.

For users, Michael is a very unromantic man and they assure that his intention to marry was born from superficiality and that his macho behavior did not leave a good taste in the mouth.

Source: Okchicas

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