Brad Pitt, at the concert with Ines de Ramon: is this time really love?

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Him with a light sweater and a cowboy hatshe with an oversized shirt and a white top. They chat, they look at each other, there seems to be complicity. Then a hug, immortalized by the goals of the paparazziwhich in seconds goes around the web. Brad Pitt was photographed backstage at the concert by Goodin Los Angeles, together with a mysterious brunette girl, immediately identified by gossip experts.

It’s about Ines de RamónAmerican born in 1992, who already has a marriage with another actor behind her, Paul Wesley, star of The Vampire Diaries: according to reconstructionsit seems that the two have begun to dating five years ago, then in February 2019 the wedding arrived and last September the break up. “In reality, the decision had been made by mutual agreement five months earliera spokesperson said People.

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It is not clear what does he do her in life: in the past she worked for a prestigious jewelry brand, while now – according to the Daily Mail, who published the shots of the couple – would also work in the actor team. The conditional is a must: if this thesis were confirmed, there could be between the two just a friendship born from professional collaboration. And if it were blossomed something more?

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To say it really is too soon. What is certain is that Brad, in recent months, have been attributed several hypothetical flirts: rumors that faded quickly, such as the alleged – and never documented – acquaintances with Lykke Li And Emily Ratajkowski. This time at least there are some imagesin which the Hollywood star is seen together with Ines and another famous couple of friends, Cindy Crawford and the husband Rande Gerber.

Nothing compromising, of course, but still a clue of a possible new love.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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