Brazil: A forest fire in Copacabana

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A fire broke out on Friday in a forest area in Brazil and more specifically on one of the hills surrounding the tourist district of Copacabana.

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THE fire occurred yesterday around 18:00 (local time; 23:00 Greek time) in Mojo dos Cabritos, a mass of rocks and vegetation between Copacabana and Lake Jodrigu de Freitas, in the tourist area in the southern part of Rio, near beach.

The flames, which according to Brazilian media were visible from other districts of the city, such as Ipanema, they did not reach inhabited areas, they only destroyed vegetationa spokesman for the fire department told AFP, while there were no reports of injuries.

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From the road at the foot of the hill, at the exit of one of its tunnels Copacabanaseveral fires were visible burning trees and bushes in the rocky landscape, a photojournalist found.

At least three fire units were deployed to contain the firethe causes of which are being investigated.

In 2010, forty acres in Mojo dos Cabritos were charred when a fire broke out due to the fall of a flying lantern (ie a small unmanned balloon).

Source: News Beast

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