Viktor Orbán: Accuses the EU of blocking the disbursement of funds for political reasons

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THE Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban yesterday Friday (2/12) accused Brussels of “freezing” funds intended for Budapest “for political reasons”particularly Hungary’s immigration policy and its resistance to sanctions against Russia after its invasion of Ukraine.

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On Wednesday, European Commission recommended the “freezing” of funds More than 13 billion euros earmarked for Hungaryciting mainly the problems in the country related to corruption.

The Commission chose a strict tone towards the right-wing nationalist prime minister, and this despite the “blackmail” for which Mr. Orban is accused: Budapest threatens to block joint plans for €18bn aid to Ukraine and harmonized minimum tax on multinational corporate profits.

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Pressured by the European Parliament, the European Commission proposed to the member states, who have until Monday 19 December to decide, the suspension of the disbursement of 7.5 billion euros from the cohesion fund in Hungary, within the framework of the 2021-2027 budget.

The Commission also decided to ratify the recovery plan after the new coronavirus pandemic (5.8 billion) submitted by Budapest, but linking it to 27 conditions, including 17 measures to fight corruption and reforms to increase independence of justice.

During an interview yesterday on Hungarian state radio, Viktor Orbán accused “bureaucrats in Brussels” of delaying the implementation of Hungary’s support program for “obvious political reasons”.

“On some fundamental issues, there is a difference of opinion between the EU and Hungary, which is why (Brussels) does not like the Hungarian government”Mr. Orban argued.

Brussels “They demand to open our borders to immigrants, but we won’t do that, to introduce their sex propaganda into our schools, but we won’t do that either”, he said. Yet, “they demand our unconditional support for sanctions and war (against Russia), but we won’t do that either”he warned.

“Although the bureaucrats in Brussels are unfair to Hungary, constantly setting new conditions, we will make an effort to reach an agreement” with the EU, added the right-wing nationalist prime minister.

On Wednesday, however, Budapest wanted its reaction to have a more constructive tone. “We will implement the additional measures requested and in 2023 we have no doubt that we will succeed in convincing the Commission”assured Hungarian negotiator Tibor Navracsic.

Source: News Beast

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