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Brazil assumes Presidency of the G20, and Lula says that “geopolitics cannot hijack” the bloc’s agenda

Brazil assumed the symbolic presidency of the G20 this Sunday (10), during the bloc’s Leaders’ Summit, in New Delhi, India.

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva received the gavel that represents the group’s leadership from the hands of Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

The Brazilian presidency officially begins on December 1st, but the summit meeting, in practice, already ends the Indian leadership.

In the speech made during the transfer of the presidency, Lula criticized what he called the “mistakes of neoliberalism” and said that the G20 cannot “let geopolitical issues hijack the discussion agenda of the various instances” of the bloc.

The mention of “geopolitics” follows the line adopted by China and Russia in relation to the tough discussions about the war in Ukraine that took place during the New Delhi summit – and distances itself from the position adopted by the United States and Europe.

The summit almost ended in failure precisely because of these “geopolitical” discussions.

The G7, the group of the world’s largest liberal economies, the United States and the European Union wanted the bloc to adopt a final declaration condemning the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces.

Beijing and Moscow resisted and declared that they did not accept any mention of the invasion – and won the fight, as the final declaration does not have any harsh words against Russia and its illegal and unmotivated invasion of Ukrainian territory.

By positioning himself in this way, President Lula shows greater alignment with the Sino-Russian alliance, and displeases the West.

In his speech, Lula also promised to create within the G20 a global alliance against hunger and poverty and what he called a global mobilization against climate change.

For them to start working, the two initiatives must first be approved by all members of the select group of the world’s largest economies.

Finally, the president reaffirmed the priorities he wants to give the group during the Brazilian presidency: fighting for social inclusion and the fight against hunger; defend the energy transition and sustainable development in the social, economic and environmental spheres; and preached the reform of global governance institutions – such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the UN and its Security Council.

Lula mentions the cyclone in Rio Grande do Sul

At the beginning of his speech, the Brazilian president cited the cyclone that hit Rio Grande do Sul and left dozens dead and missing.

“This week, three days ago (sic), in my Brazil, a cyclone, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul — there had never been a cyclone before — killed 46 people, almost 50 people missing. This catches our attention, because phenomena like this have happened in the most different places on our planet”, he said, highlighting that nature “shows that we need to take care of it with much more care”.

Source: CNN Brasil

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