Brazil: President Bolsonaro says UAE wants to buy two football clubs

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Brazilian President Zaich Bolsonaro said on Friday that the United Arab Emirates wanted to buy two Brazilian football clubs.

Bolsonaro, who had just returned from a trip to the UAE, did not give any details on which clubs he was interested in buying, but said he had suggested Rio de Janeiro’s Botafogo. The president’s sons are supporters of this group.

“The Emirates has 12 football teams outside their country and they want two teams here in Brazil,” he said in a video on social media.

The most famous football club owned by the United Arab Emirates, through the Abu Dhabi state-owned investment company Mubadala Investment Company, is the British Manchester City.

The president’s son, Eduardo Bolsonaro, stressed that the president of Manchester City, Haldun al Mubarak, was present at the meetings with the Brazilian delegation.

This year, Bolsonaru signed a law that allows Brazilian football clubs to operate as companies, allowing them to negotiate a sale to potential potential buyers.

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Source From: Capital

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