Brazil ranks 54th in the 2022 Global Innovation Index, out of 132 countries

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Despite still being below the expectations of the industrial sector, Brazil has advanced three positions in relation to 2021 and appears in 54th in the ranking of the Global Innovation Index (IGI), released this Thursday (29) by the World Intellectual Property Organization (World Intellectual Property Organization). WIPO) in partnership with the National Confederation of Industry (CNI).

More specifically, in the ranking of “innovation inputs”, the country dropped two positions (from 56th in 2021 to 58th in 2022). However, even so, the improvement in the overall ranking was achieved with Brazil advancing in six positions in “innovation results” – from 59th in 2021 to 53rd in 2022.

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“This means that, in relation to investments in innovation, Brazil has gotten worse. However, it is as if the agents of the Brazilian ecosystem had done more with less and obtained better results in innovation, despite the drop in inputs/investment”, analyzes CNI’s Director of Innovation, Gianna Sagazio.

The index gathers 132 countries and has been in existence since 2007. The ten best placed in 2022 are: Switzerland, United States, Sweden, United Kingdom, Netherlands, South Korea, Singapore, Germany, Finland and Denmark. The best mark in Brazil in the IGI was achieved in 2011, when it ranked 47th. Among the Latin American countries, Brazil was only behind Chile, which appears in the 50th position.

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According to the CNI’s evaluation, the IGI is a reference in the evaluation of innovation for the formulation of economic policies. “The publication will help guide the actions of the public and private sectors aimed at innovation-driven growth, promoting and supporting scientific, technological and innovation policies in our country”, highlights the president of CNI, Robson Braga de Andrade.

In a note, the CNI analyzes that “the lack of a consolidated public policy for innovation generates insecurity and delays in the sector”. “One of the examples is the edition of Provisional Measure No. 1,136, of August 29, 2022, which limits the use of resources from the National Fund for Scientific and Technological Development (FNDCT), the main source of funding for innovation in the country. The MP establishes that the FNDCT will only be able to invest BRL 5.555 billion in 2022, that is, about BRL 3.5 billion less than initially forecast.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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