Polarization scenario expands expectation of embarrassed vote in elections

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The phenomenon of the embarrassed, or silent, vote is described by researchers as a result of the spiral of silence theory. The thesis is that, when they disagree with a largely majority opinion in their social group, some people prefer to hide this disagreement to avoid a unease in relationships within this universe.

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The fear of publicly declaring the option to vote was highlighted in this year’s electoral race as a reflection of the exacerbated political polarization and the stigmas that campaigns try to impose on opponents.

In this episode of E Tem Mais, Carol Nogueira presents an overview of the expectations of the extent to which a portion of voters who are afraid to declare their intention to vote for fear of a negative reaction regarding their political preference may influence the outcome of the next elections. Sunday (2).

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To address this and other related issues, this episode includes researcher Frederico Batista, professor at the University of North Carolina (USA) and collaborator at Quaest Pesquisa e Consultoria, and political scientist Cláudio Couto, professor at FGV in São Paulo.

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Podcast E Tem Mais, with a presentation by Carol Nogueira

(*Posted by Diego Toledo)

Source: CNN Brasil

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