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Brazilian Felipe Schaedler will represent the Amazon at an important festival in Washington

In collaboration with the Brazilian Embassy in the North American capital and the Rui Barbosa Institute, The Kennedy Center invited the chef Felipe Schaedler to represent the Amazon at events and dinners that will take place on the occasion of the REACH to FOREST an international festival that explores art, nature and the environment, and this year's theme will be the symbiosis between forests and human intervention, reaffirming the importance of standing forests and sustainability for a better future.

Felipe Schaedler, who is in charge of two award-winning Amazonian cuisine restaurants (Banzeiro Manaus and Banzeiro São Paulo), will be responsible for curating gastronomic experiences that will represent the Amazon biome. Throughout his career, the chef developed a network with producers and indigenous communities in northern Brazil and extensively researched ingredients grown and used by Yanomami communities, such as Saúva ants, mushrooms, wild roots, edible flowers and local fruits.

Some of these ingredients native to the Brazilian Amazon rainforest region will be present in the menus created by Felipe Schaedler for the dinners “Taste of the Amazon: A Culinary Adventure with chef Felipe Schaedler”, on February 27th and 29th, at 7pm, at Roof Restaurant Terrace, with tickets priced at $139.

On February 28th, Felipe will cook at the Brazilian Embassy and, on this day and on March 1st and 2nd, the same restaurant and KC Café will also have Amazonian themed menus created by the chef available. During his time in the kitchen, Felipe will welcome students from The Culinary Diplomacy to learn a little about his cuisine.

“The Amazon is the lungs of the world and I often say that this lung has flavor, a flavor that is still being discovered. This type of movement, which seeks to understand and disseminate what these flavors are like, motivates me to translate how incredible the Amazon is and how much it should be valued. It is an immense pride to represent and present part of the richness of Amazonian cuisine at this event.”

REACH to FOREST, which began yesterday, February 20th, and runs until March 3rd, will also feature prominent American and international artists, renowned authors, thinkers, conservationists, filmmakers, musicians, tree hunters and scientists who will come together to present films, poetry, culinary events, art installations, panels, conversations, among other activities, all with the aim of generating creative solutions for our future.


REACH to FOREST: February 20 to March 3, 2024 at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts – 2700 F St NW, Washington, DC 20566, United States

Flavor of the Amazon Dinner: A Culinary Adventure with chef Felipe Schaedler – February 27th and 29th, at 7pm, at Roof Terrace Restaurant. Purchases via website.

Source: CNN Brasil

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