Brazilian is invited to play with The Killers during a show in Miami

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the brazilian Manuel Tarantino 44, was invited to take the stage by the American band The Killers last Tuesday (13), when he attended the show in Miami, United States.

A fan of the Tarantino group, he has been playing the drums in an amateur way for 15 years and says he never imagined fulfilling such a dream, an old promise he made to his wife, Carolina.

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“I was impressed by the size of the audience, but I played for my wife,” he said in a conversation with the CNN .

Accompanied and helped by Carolina, he says that the idea had been planned for a while, as the band always calls someone from the audience to play.

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“We bought five cards and Carolina, who is a designer, wrote in pencil, chose the size, colors, design and font”, she says.

But making the poster was the easiest task. The couple had to deal with the uncertainty of not knowing if the band would invite any fans that night to participate in the song “For Reasons Unknown”. “I rehearsed about ten days before the show, just with the sticks because I sold my drums”, he continues.

Tarantino kept his promise and managed to get noticed to take the stage. He says that the experience was spectacular: “I played for a sea of ​​people”.

In addition to having lived an unforgettable moment, he is impressed with the repercussion of his participation in the show, which started after a group of friends posted it on social media.

“What remains for us in this whole business is that a lot of creativity, partnership and a little attitude help us to accomplish things that may seem impossible. We hope people are inspired. We did and got what we got.”

*With supervision by Giulia Alecrim.

Source: CNN Brasil

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