Brazilian voice actor abandons anime after suffering cyberbullying from the public

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One of Brazil’s most famous voice actors, Guilherme Briggs has voiced characters such as Buzz Lightyer and Scooby Doo and is known for voicing actors such as Harrison Ford and Henry Cavill. However, the professional went public after starting to receive hateful comments about one of his most recent works, the anime Chainsaw Man, released in 2022, distributed in Brazil by the streaming platform Crunchyroll.

The reason was the translation of a speech. In the Brazilian dubbing version, the character says “the future is a show”. But, in the unofficial translation that fans had made, there was a curse word. As a result, Briggs even received death threats.

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“Guys, I understand the complaints about the dubbed version of the Future Devil’s speech, but the explanation was given and many understood. I just do not accept disrespect for me and aggression. Anyone who does this will unfortunately be blocked. Let’s keep peace, education and common sense,” he wrote on Twitter.

Even so, the threats continued and there was even an attempt to hack the professional’s Instagram and Twitter accounts. In the end, he decided to walk away from the project. “I will ask to leave the dubbing of this anime. I don’t want to be in it anymore. For me, it’s over, ”he announced.

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Since then Guilherme Briggs has kept his social networks private. Streaming platform Crunchyroll issued a note of support for the actor: “There is no place for bullying within the anime community. Crunchyroll fully supports actor Guilherme Briggs and condemns the attacks directed at him and his fantastic voice acting work.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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