Brazil’s oil production in December rises 4% from a year earlier, says ANP

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A production average from Petroleum do Brazil in fromwithinbro totaled 2.84 million from barrels per day (bpd), high from 4% in view of the same month from 2020, pointed to thedos from the National Agency do Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) this Wednesday (19).

In comparison with Nov.inbro, however, there was aslightly left from 0.5%, configuredo the third consecutive monthly decline.

A production average from natural gas do country, in turn, was from 132.23 million from cubic meters per day in the last month from 2021, too athe high from 4% in the annual comparison and fall from 3% versus novinbro.

Somando Petroleum and natural gas, the production total average do country in fromwithinbro added 3.67 million from barris from oil equivalent per day (boed), against 3.52 million boed in fromwithinbro from 2020 and 3.71 million from be it in novinbro.

Petrobras, the main producer do country, produced in fromwithinbro as concessionaire 2.067 million from bpd, high from 4.3% compared to a year in view ofif it stays from 1,9% in view of the month in view ofrior.

And the Anglo-Holanfromsa Shell, second largest producer do country and athe most importantin view ofPetrobras partners in the pre-salt, produced in fromwithinbro 324.94 thousand bpd, remains from 8% versus fromwithinbro from 2020 and take high from 0,1% in view of novinbro.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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