Brescia enlists his 13-year-old nephew to kill his rival in love

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The attempted murder of a rival in love, for a disputed girl. But, it was not the suitor who fired at the victim, but the nephew, just 13 years old. It happened in the Bassa Bresciana, in Chiarini, a hamlet of Montichiari, on the Friday before Easter. Around 20.30 a thirty-one year old comes wounded in the shoulder by a gunshot and transported, in serious condition, but not in danger of life, to the hospital.

The shooting was a boy, who reached the victim aboard his bicycle, before escaping.

As he approached the target, however, the 13-year-old was caught by some security cameras: the investigation started from these videos. The victim, a local worker, also contributed to the reconstruction of the story. Based on the conclusions of the Carabinieri of the Desenzano del Garda Company, to commission the ambush, to deliver the weapon (a 22 caliber drum pistol illegally detained, with serial number and serial number abraded) to the 13-year-old grandson and to explain how to reach the rival in love, would have been the 27-year-old uncle.

The man, who was taken to prison in Brescia, and the minor, entrusted to social services within a community, they will have to answer for attempted murder, receiving stolen goods and illegal possession of a clandestine weapon.

“Montichiari today is in the headlines at national level but this is actually a disgrace,” explained the mayor of Montichiari, Marco Togni, with a post on Facebook. «Montichiari is not this. Montichiari is not like other very problematic cities where these facts are also on the agenda. This fact is not the norm in our community. It is not due to land degradation, lack of education, opportunities, absenteeism from institutions, the Church, voluntary associations. It is a unique fact. Unique and isolated due, to what I have learned, from particular situations problems of the families involved and already known by the social services. In Montichiari we are used to getting angry, arguing, maybe ending up as lawyers but never getting by with do-it-yourself or, worse still, not having the courage of our actions and using minors, relatives among other things ».

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