Britain: 52-year-old arrested for threatening Labor vice-president

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THE British police arrested a man today, Tuesday, on suspicion of launching weeks-long threats against the Labor vice-president, Angela Rainer, amid concerns for the safety of elected officials following the recent assassination of a Member of Parliament.

In particular, the Manchester police underlined in a statement that they arrested in Halifax, the north of England, a 52 years old man suspected of “malicious calls”. The man was released on parole.

This arrest was made after “multiple threatening and offensive phone calls, email and letters in recent weeks“, Stressed the police.

Rainer, a mother of three who is currently on leave after the death of a loved one, thanked the police on Twitter for “supporting her, her family and her team in this period that is going through, especially difficult for her children”.

The trial of Ali Harbi Ali in March

According to APE BPE, the issue of the security of the elected officials was rekindled after the assassination of the Conservative Party in mid-October. David Ames, who was stabbed to death while talking to voters at a Methodist church in Lei on Sea, about 60 miles (60 km) east of London.

A suspect was arrested on the spot 25-year-old British Ali Harbi Ali. He was charged on Thursday with murder and preparation of terrorist acts. He is due to stand trial in March.

The motive for his murderous attack remains unknown, police said “a possible motive linked to Islamist extremism”.

Ames’s death shakes country, bringing to mind the assassination of Labor MP Joe Cox in June 2016 by an extreme right-wing extremist, shortly before the Brexit referendum.

In the aftermath of this tragedy, many Members have testified that they accepted threats for their lives.

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