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Britain: Camilla donated to a nursery Paddington bears, dedicated to the memory of Elizabeth

THE Camila visited one kindergarten of Britain which Barnardo’s charity and donated Teddy bears Paddington which are dedicated to the memory of Elizabeth.

More than 1,000 teddy bears – mostly in the shape of Paddington, the popular children’s book hero – flowers and bunting were among the tributes painstakingly collected by crews after mourning for Queen Elizabeth’s death ended last September , which followers of the throne had left outside the royal residences.

The teddies were thoroughly cleaned and today the royal wife, Camilla, visited a Barnardo’s nursery in east London for a ‘teddy picnic’, which of course included Paddington’s favorite jam sandwiches.

Accompanied by actors Hugh Bonneville and Madeleine Harris, who starred in the film adaptation of Paddington’s adventures, Camilla handed out teddy bears to the children.

With his red hat and blue coat, Paddington Bear has been one of the most popular characters in British children’s literature since the 1950s.

As part of the celebrations to mark 70 years on the throne, Queen Elizabeth II starred in a humorous video with the famous teddy bear. Among other things, she had confided in him that she makes sure she always has a jam sandwich in her bag.

Source: News Beast

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