Britain: Downing Street parties in the middle of a lockdown were known as “Wine Fridays”

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More and more details are being revealed about party on Downing Street, his residence Prime Minister of Great Britain, Boris Johnson, in the middle of a lockdown. As the newspaper revealed «Mirror», the staff of the Prime Minister’s residence regularly organized parties.

In fact, they had their own… name: “The Fridays of wine”. What if in the rest of the country a lockdown had been imposed and everything was closed and the residents were forced to stay in their homes as a measure against the spread of the coronavirus. In addition, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson participated, encouraging employees to “spend”, according to the same source. THE Johnson reportedly attended “some” such parties, when indoor gatherings were banned as part of pandemic measures.

These gatherings were so popular that the staff raised about 200 euros to buy a drinks fridge to keep the wines and beers cool.

As the «Mirror», employees went with a suitcase to a supermarket to buy drinks in anticipation of their gathering, on the eve of his funeral Prince Philip and it did not just happen that time. Sources cited by the British tabloid reported that the employees at Downing Street they took turns on Fridays at the local supermarket Tesco Metro, with a suitcase on wheels, to fill their fridge with drinks.

Earlier on Friday (14/1), o Boris Johnson apologized to Palace for the party. “It is deeply saddened that this happened at a time of national mourning and the Prime Minister’s Office apologized to the Palace,” his spokesman said. Prime Minister. In an announcement, o James Slack today unreservedly apologized “for the anger and pain caused.” “This event should not have taken place at that time,” he said in a statement, taking “full responsibility.”

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