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Britain: Introduces legislation that will allow it to ignore ECtHR decisions

The British government is presenting a bill in parliament today that will allow it to ignore certain rulings of the European Court of Human Rights, following the court ruling that froze the deportations of immigrants to Rwanda.

A Council of Europe tribunal has ruled in favor of the deportation of Rwandans who entered the UK illegally under the European Convention on Human Rights, fixing a specially chartered aircraft shortly before take-off on 14 June.

The Strasbourg court ruled that the British judiciary should consider the details of the legality of the legal framework, which will take place in July, before proceeding with deportations.

Following this decision, the British government reiterated its intention to amend the Human Rights Act with a new “Bill of Rights” to be introduced today, under which the British Government will be able to to ignore such decisions of the Court.

“This declaration of rights will strengthen our British tradition of freedom by providing a healthy dose of rationality to the system,” said British Justice Secretary Dominique Raab.

It will replace the Human Rights Act, legislation that incorporates the European Convention on Human Rights into British law.

It also facilitates the deportation of foreign nationals convicted by British justice, restricting their ability to assert their right to family life above public safety.

“These reforms will enhance freedom of expression, allow the deportation of many foreign criminals and better protect the public against dangerous criminals,” said Dominique Raab.

However, the Minister of Justice ruled in a statement to Sky News that the United Kingdom should leave the European Court of Human Rights.

The legislation is being denounced by the Labor Party.

“The Human Rights Act has enabled millions of people to have access to justice, to protect victims of crime, and to ensure that our loved ones are cared for when they need it,” said Justice Steve Reed. Labor Party.

According to Amnesty International UK, the legislation is a huge step backwards for the rights of ordinary people.

Source: AMPE

Source: Capital

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