Britain is likely to acquire herd immunity on Monday, according to a study

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The threshold for herd immunity will pass Britain on Monday 12 April, according to a computer model from University College London (UCL).

The UCL results estimate that the number of people protected against Covid-19 – through vaccination or previous infection – will reach 73.4% on Monday, according to the British Indendent.

The study follows the publication of a survey last week by the National Statistics Office, according to which in the week ended March 14, more than half in England (54%) already had antibodies.

UCL Professor Karl Fristen told The Telegraph: “I was surprised by estimates of herd immunity. However, it is remarkable when one considers that more than 50% of adults have been vaccinated, about 42% of people are now exposed to the virus and about 10% are already immune.

When we take into account the estimated effectiveness of the vaccine in terms of immunity, this – according to the model – means that about 70% of the population is immune.

Based on the number of contacts at the beginning of the pandemic and the estimated risk of transmission, this is almost on the threshold of herd immunity».

“Green light” to relax the lockdown

It is noted that a few days ago, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave the green light to open pubs, shops, hairdressers and gyms next Monday (12/4) all over England but only outdoors.

The prime minister said in a press conference that it was now safe for the country to move on to the next phase, as vaccination was proceeding as planned and infection rates were low enough to facilitate the lifting of restrictions from April 12.

Regarding the resumption of tourism, he said he hoped the British would be able to travel abroad next month, hoping to do so by May 17, adding, however, that he would not want the virus to be reintroduced from abroad into the country.

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