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Britain: Minister wears €11,000 Rolex and tells strikers to be “realistic” – “Wage increase is a risk”

An uproar has broken out in Britainbecause at the moment teachers are carrying out mass mobilizations demanding a salary increase, h Minister Education in public appearance wore one Rolex worth 11,000 euros and asked the strikers to be “realistic”.

According to dailymail.co.ukthe Gillian Keegan where left school at age 16Nevertheless has been taken over by the Ministry of Educationis member of the Conservatives and he likes to show off his wealth.

In an interview he gave to Sky Newsdescribed as unfortunate the fact that 85% of schools in the country are closed and claimed that wage increases will fuel inflation.

“This, which it is not realistic is to look at inflation… We cannot risk fueling inflation with wage increases which destroy him. We have to take care of all sectors in the economy”, he said characteristically.

These statements, combined with her expensive accessory, have sparked serious reactions in Britain, while the NEU, Britain’s largest teaching union, said that “low teacher pay has pushed many to leave the profession”.

Source: News Beast

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