Britain: Pingdemic deprives workers of vital sectors and threatens supermarkets with shortages

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The British Food Distributors’ Federation has called on the British government to relax self-isolation rules for those exposed to a case. covid-19, as, inter alia, their supply is threatened Super Market.

The bet of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to reopen the English economy after the vaccination of many people against covid-19 has been tarnished by the so-called pingdemic (a pun with the words ping– the sound of the alert that someone receives on their mobile phone – and the epidemic – epidemic), with many people receiving notification from the special application that they must remain in quarantine for 10 days.

The drastic reduction in staff has caused chaos in various sectors such as wholesale, supermarkets, freight, manufacturing and hospitality. In response, many citizens have simply deleted the application from their phones. The British ministers emphasize that the application contributes significantly to stopping the spread of covid-19, at a time when there is an outbreak of cases in the country, with more than 44,000 registered only yesterday Wednesday.

Food distribution chains on the verge of collapse

On their front pages, British newspapers today had pictures of empty shelves in supermarkets. “This pingdemic is exacerbating the pressure on traders to maintain their working hours and refuel,” he said. Andrew Op executive of the Federation of British Retailers. “The government must act immediately,” he said. Many supermarket chains, as well as the meat producers’ association and transport companies, are complaining of a shortage of workers, as some of their employees have been quarantined.

The supermarket chain Iceland announced that it has suspended the operation of some of its stores due to lack of staff. Britain food chain ‘on the verge of collapse’ as absences due to covid-19 exacerbated the already large labor shortage, the meat industry union said. The British government has pledged to exempt some front-line workers, such as railroad workers, from self-isolation, provided they have received two doses of the covid-19 vaccine or have a negative diagnostic test.

The measure has been in effect since Monday for workers in the national health system “in exceptional circumstances”. Business Minister Kwasi Quarteng told the BBC today that the list of quarantined workers would be published “today”, but added that it would be limited.

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