London to Brussels for Brexit deal: It was not going to last forever

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“Stiff” in renegotiating part of his divorce agreement Brexi As for Northern Ireland, the European Commission was described by the British Minister of Business Quasi Quarteng, warning that this was not an agreement that was going to last forever.

«A deal is a deal but it was not something that would last foreverPointed out Quarteng in speaking to Sky. “It was something flexible and we wanted to make it work more smoothly,” he added.

“Article 16 is something we could do, suspend it, we decided not to do it, it is not our initial position and we want to be able to negotiate and have a discussion with the EU about who it is. the best way to move forward “, he pointed out, as broadcast by the Athens News Agency, citing British media.

THE Britain called on the EU on Wednesday (21/7) to agree to rewrite the Northern Ireland Protocol covering post-Brexit trade, including the province just one year after the agreement was reached.

THE EU He immediately rejected the request, saying Britain needed to honor its international obligations and said the deal was the result of negotiations with Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The protocol was a key part of the Johnson-backed Brexit settlement, which eventually sealed Britain’s divorce from the EU four years after a referendum in which the British voted in favor of leaving the EU.

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