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Britain puts Wagner on the list of terrorist organizations

Its principles United Kingdom they will join the Russian private military company Wagner in the list of terrorist organizations that they are preparing, the BBC reported yesterday Tuesday (5/9), citing Home Secretary Suella Braverman.

“Wagner is a violent and destructive organization that has acted as a military tool abroad for Vladimir Putin’s Russia”Ms. Braverman said, according to the network.

“While the Putin regime decides what to do with the monster it has created, Wagner’s continued destabilizing activities do nothing but serve the Kremlin’s political purposes.”the minister continued.

Britain’s Home Secretary has the power to “proscribe” – to outlaw – organizations she deems to be involved in terrorist acts. This “requirement” has already been applied in 78 cases, notably those of Islamic State and Al-Qaeda, under the 2000 Act, and in another 14 – particularly involving Northern Irish organizations such as the IRA – under earlier legislation. It is a criminal offense in the UK to belong to or support these organisations.

“Wagner is involved in looting, torture and barbaric murder”Ms Braverman argued, according to the BBC. “That’s why we ban this terrorist organization and continue to help Ukraine where we can in its fight against Russia.”added the minister, for whom the mercenary company is a “threat to global security”.

The inclusion of Wagner in the list of terrorist organizations will take place in a measure that will be presented today in Parliament, according to reports in the British press.

In July, London announced sanctions against 13 individuals and legal entities associated with Wagner in Africa, accusing them of war crimes.

Source: News Beast

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