Britain: The television license of the RT channel is revoked

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Britain’s media regulator Ofcom said today it had revoked the Russian-backed RT (formerly Russia Today) television license, Reuters reported.

“We do not consider RT eligible to be licensed in the UK and we are not convinced that it could be a responsible broadcaster,” Ofcom said on Twitter.

Russia’s state-sponsored RT television channel said on Friday that Britain’s media regulator had unjustly revoked its broadcast license due to the conflict in Ukraine, accusing it of being “just a tool of the British government”.

“Ofcom has shown to the British public and international regulators that, despite its well-constructed showcase of independence, it is nothing more than a government tool that succumbs to its desire to suppress the media,” Anna told Reuters. Belkina, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of RT.

“Ignoring the purely clear history of RT for four consecutive years and citing purely political reasons directly related to the situation in Ukraine and which, however, have nothing to do with RT’s operations, structure, management or editorial production, Ofcom that RT is “inappropriate and incorrect” and thus deprived the UK public of access to information “.

Source: Capital

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