Britain: Thousands of spider crabs have appeared on a beach in Cornwall – See images and video

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The alarm was sounded on a beach in Cornwall when holidaymakers were informed by the relevant authorities about the appearance of thousands of spider crabs in a tourist hot-spot.

Spider crabs gathered in the shallow waters of St Ives in Cornwall to shed their shells before returning to the ocean.

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Bathers at Porthgwidden Beach were not entirely deterred and some took the opportunity to swim over the crab bed to view the disturbing sight.

The crab-spiderswhich are instantly recognizable for their long legs and claws, have venomous bite for their prey, but harmless to man.

They are usually seen near the coast in summer and autumn as they congregate for protection. Although it is not uncommon to see them in its waters United Kingdommass gatherings like this are becoming more common in the summer due to rising sea temperatures.

Source: News Beast

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