Normative instruction regulates the profession of translator and public interpreter

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The National Department of Business Registration and Integration (Drei) of the Ministry of Economy published, on Thursday (4), a normative instruction, which regulates the professional performance of translators and public interpreters.

With the new regulations, these professionals start to work throughout the Brazilian territory, and no longer in the Federation Unit of their enrollment – ​​as was previously required –, now with national and no longer state competitions.

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The regulation also exempts those professionals who obtain a degree of excellence in national or international proficiency exams from the competition.

According to the official statement, another novelty is the exclusion of requirements such as minimum age and proof of domicile where the profession will be exercised. The measure also allows the work of foreign professionals residing in Brazil, since previously only Brazilians could perform the tasks of public translators and interpreters.

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The normative instruction also exempted mandatory books and eliminated from the table of fees established by the commercial board, with the amounts to be received for the execution of the work.

Source: CNN Brasil

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