Britain: Treasury Secretary Risi Sunak on the list of richest Britons

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The British Treasury Secretary Richie Sunak and his wife Axata Murti are on the Sunday Rich List of the 250 richest Britons (“Rich List”).

Sunak’s inclusion on the list is largely justified by his wife’s wealth, but comes at a politically difficult time for Britain’s budget minister as she faces pressure to increase support for struggling households. over with rising energy bills and food prices.

According to The Sunday Times UK Rich List, the couple is ranked 222nd with a net worth of 30 730 million.

Axata Murti is the daughter of Indian billionaire Narayana Murti, co-founder of technology company Infosys. It is estimated that it has shares in Infosys worth about $ 1 billion. She met Risi Sunak when they were both studying at Stanford and married in 2009.

Sunak and Mourti came under fire last month for criticizing Mourti’s tax regime.

Murdy lives with her husband on Downing Street, but has chosen to have “non-resident” status in Britain, which means she does not pay taxes on her profits from overseas operations. Sunak defended her, saying that his wife loves her homeland and should not be forced to sever ties with India because she married him. She says she plans to return to India at some point to care for her parents. Murti then waived this special tax regime and said she would pay income taxes.

Sunak, a former Goldman Sachs analyst who became a minister at the age of 39 in 2020, warned earlier this week that “the coming months will be difficult” for the country.

The Sunday Times list, first published in 1989, lists the 1,000 richest people living in Britain. The list includes British nationals as well as individuals and families from abroad but working or living primarily in the United Kingdom.

Hindu brothers Sri and Gopi, who are of Indian descent, top the list with a net worth of more than 28 28 billion.

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Source: Capital

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