Fashionable British clothing brand New Look has announced a partnership with startup TrusTrace to track the manufacturing and delivery of goods using blockchain.

The logistics project is called Kind to our Core and, the creators assure, should make the process of creating and selling clothing more environmentally friendly. According to New Look, the clothing industry accounts for up to 20% of industrial water pollution. Blockchain will help at least partially solve the problem, the management of the brand’s management company hopes.

“The open architecture of the platform will simplify integration with stakeholders: retailers, manufacturers, suppliers, certification agencies and sustainability solution providers. Detailed information about New Look’s supply chain can be obtained through blockchain, which will increase transparency and simplify reporting,” said TrusTrace CEO Shameek Ghosh.

Many fashion brands are interested not only in blockchain, but also in launching their own NFTs. Last year, Italian fashion house Prada released a new line of clothing with serial numbers tied to collectible tokens. Spanish retail chain Zara has introduced a new line of clothing and accessories designed for avatars in the Zepeto multiverse.