British government freezes BBC funding to protect citizens’ financial resources

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Her Minister of Culture Of Britain Nandin Doris announced on Monday (17/01) that the government has decided to freeze BBC funding for two years, in an effort to protect, as he claims, them citizens’ financial resources.

Doris said the usage fee, a small tax paid by all households with a TV, would be frozen for two years. Then, for the next four, it will adjust following the course of inflation.

THE government will consider the future of this reciprocal fee which finances public television against the backdrop of new technologies that have emerged and revolutionized the media landscape since the BBC, 100 years ago.

“It’s time to start asking these really serious questions about the BBC’s long-term funding model,” Doris told parliament. “And to consider whether the mandatory license fee, with criminal penalties (for non-payment) for households is now the right wayFunding, he added.

Concern about the reduced budget of public television

According to the minister, the fee will be frozen at 159 pounds per year (190 euros) per household by 2024. With the new regulation, the BBC will receive a total of around 3.7 billion pounds, but analysts point out that a lower inflation budget will force public television to cut its services.

The BBC has clashed in recent years with the government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and ministers have accused it of failing to provide impartial information.

Labor Party spokeswoman Lucy Powell told parliament that the funding freeze was an attack on one of Britain’s most important institutions and blamed Doris for “Cultural vandalism”.

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