They don’t even leave a chair! Former Remodeling Show Participants Confess How Their Homes Look Off-Camera

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Admit it, just like the rest of the people, you also feel a great attraction to watch home renovation programs, because there is something in them that makes you dream and believe that with a small budget, you can have a home like something out of a dream.

But have you ever wondered what happens after the renewal program ends? How do families live? Do you enjoy those dream rooms? Reddit user Akumamatata8080 dared to ask these questions to people who have been part of the shows and her answers left him cold. Now we know that in life, nothing is what it seems.

1. His backyard went from a paradise to a swamp.

We were at a makeover show and they were going to renovate our backyard. It was a work that was built quickly and was very cheap. The decor was too nice for the “renovation” because they added a pond, but once the show was over, all the decorations were removed. Also, we discovered that the pond had an extension cord that got wet every time it rained. The best part of all is that two weeks after the show, our backyard was flooded and smelled horrible. Turns out they dug down to the sewer line to make their big pond and sewage was what was gushing out everywhere.


2. He had to pay to actually have it fixed

People recording a home renovation show

A co-worker got her house in one of those designer competition shows. He was happy about the situation, but instead of getting his long-awaited renovation for free, he had to pay for the damage the production team had done. He shelled out $20,000 to get everything fixed for real.


3. For this person, their experience was anything but good

People recording a home renovation show

I bought a house that appears on the program ‘Good Bones’, the house was supposed to cost a lot, but they sold it to me at a very affordable price. I guess I was lucky enough to buy the house before the show really took off, so the value of my house is much higher now. However, I had to invest much more than I paid for it. It’s still a pain in the butt. Not to mention all the weird design decisions that were made that I’ve worked out over time.

I wasn’t looking for a ‘Good Bones’ house and I wish I hadn’t bought it that way. The hosts weren’t helpful when I told them about these issues and I really hope it’s not common among their renewals. At least I learned my lesson.


4. She never got the room she dreamed of as a child.

student room

My family was on a home renovation show when I was growing up in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. I think it was ‘Changing Rooms’ or possibly another show from the same producers. It was one of those shows where three rooms of the house are made and mine was one of the ones that were going to be redecorated. In design, the decoration looked so pretty that it looked like a fairy forest with huge murals of trees on the walls and a starry sky. But it all ended very badly, the murals on the wall came off and on the ceiling, better not to mention. Still though, I had a lot of fun filming the show and it was a great story to tell my friends at school.

-Rainbow Fish

5. Renovations are done with staples and tape

Toilet fixed with duct tape

Some friends were on one of those shows a few years ago. It was a super intense three weeks and the redesign looked great on camera. In reality, they were things that they literally stuck together with staples and tape. After the show, my friend took two weeks off to rebuild everything properly.

-Finger tips

6. The Brothers to work they are a scam!

People recording a home renovation show

My countertop company was hired to fix cabinets and countertops for a house after an episode of ‘Property Brothers’. The show was filmed around all of the problem areas, so the episode looked great. The owners were upset after the show left, we were stuck dealing with them. It was a really stressful few weeks.


7. This person did not have a pleasant time with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

People recording a home renovation show

Do you remember ‘Extreme Makeover’, the show where they remake a huge house from scratch for a generous or very needy person? Well, it turns out they did one in my town and approached my brother who is a builder to help them with some remodeling, all over the winter. My brother couldn’t help but our friends and neighbors volunteered and the house was finished in a week.

With heavy rain and freezing cold, that’s how they built it, so now the property has a lot of problems and when the owner tried to contact the show’s producers to fix everything, they said, ‘You got this for free, fix it yourself.’


8. This other also lived an unfortunate story with Extreme Makeover

People recording a home renovation show

I work for one of the companies that was hired to help on the show, this was over 10 years ago when the show was in its heyday. Still, it was a big, beautiful house, built for a widowed mother with several children. Although the house was ‘delivered’ to him, he was unable to pay for maintenance and utilities, so he put it up for sale. Simply owning a house that size is very expensive and you couldn’t afford it.


9. Extreme Makeover I wanted the job almost given away

People recording a home renovation show

FIL is a contractor who helped build a house when the show came to Las Vegas. He said they were told they would work fast and get paid well, but it was all a lie. The producers did not care about the quality of the materials, they just wanted to finish quickly, so they were told that the “volunteers” would do the rest of the work, as if they had done the project themselves.


10. The quality of the materials is very doubtful

People recording a home renovation show

I worked for TLC television’s ‘Trading Spaces’ in the early 2000s. I would be very surprised if any of those ‘fixes’ that were made are still holding up, because the quality of the materials was very low and, on many occasions, the owners of the houses had to invest again to improve them.


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