British prime minister gets lost in speech and is saved by Peppa Pig

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was momentarily at a loss for words this Monday (22), when he appeared to get lost in the notes of a speech before presenting business leaders with an anecdote about his recent visit to the theme park of Peppa Pig.

flipping through the notes, Johnson he sighed, said “Screw you” and muttered “I’m sorry” several times as he briefly interrupted his address to the Confederation of British Industry in Port of Tyne in northern England.

But he bounced back, talking about tech unicorns and after a visit to the Peppa Pig World, a park based on the cartoon about a lush pink piglet and her friends and family.

“Yesterday I went, as we all should, to the Peppa Pig World ”, these Johnson to executives. “I adore him. O Peppa Pig World is really my type of place: it has very safe streets, discipline in schools”, he said.

“Who would have believed that a nut that looks like a hair dryer, or possibly looks like a hair dryer à la Picasso, a nut that was rejected by the BBC (network) would now be exported to 180 countries, with theme parks in both America and in China?”

Reference: CNN Brasil

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