The EVEA calls for a further reduction of the administrative and tax burdens for companies

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On the occasion of the submission to the Parliament of the state budget for 2022 by the Ministry of Finance, the President of EVEA, Giannis Bratakos, made the following statement:

“The budget report submitted to the Parliament, comes in recognition and confirmation of the positive expectations for strong growth of the Greek economy in 2022. The upward revision of the growth rate for 2021, to 6.9% from 3.6%, the improvement In terms of employment, with unemployment falling to 13% from 16.5% in September 2021, the cumulative growth of 2021-2022 by 1.6% compared to forecasts, foreshadow a new era of strong Cash security and financial support with the additional resources of the Recovery and Sustainability Fund point to a competitive, green and digitally upgraded economic environment.

After several years, the prospects for the development of the Greek economy are mainly endangered by external threats. The evolution of the pandemic, the climate crisis and the – temporary hopefully – international inflationary pressures on the prices of goods and energy, require careful planning, constant preparedness and flexible management. They demand, above all, responsibility and sobriety from all sides, as the last thing the country needs today is pointless tensions and populist bidding.

In this context, the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry maintains its role as a contender for reforms that favor growth, employment and prosperity.

Supports and promotes the continuation of the digital transformation of the public and businesses, in the context of the needs that have arisen from the pandemic. It demands the improvement of the conditions for the attraction of foreign investments, the strengthening of the extroversion, the facilitation of the access of the small and medium enterprises to modern financial tools, so that they can implement development plans. He calls for the further reduction of the administrative, but also of the tax burdens for the companies, depending on the budgetary possibilities of the country. Supports the creation of fertile conditions for innovation and start-up entrepreneurship. It proposes and claims actions that add value to the economy and society, through the creation of quality jobs “.


Source From: Capital

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