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BTS’s Jin is exempt from military service, and K-pop fans celebrate

The singer Jin, 31, from the K-pop group bts, will be exempt from compulsory military service after eighteen months away from his musical career. The decision, which will be carried out on Wednesday (12), was announced by HYBE, the company that manages the group’s career, and became a reason for celebration for the star’s fans.

On X (formerly Twitter), the tag #WelcomeBackJin (“Welcome back, Jin”, in Portuguese) was among the most talked about topics. In a statement, BigHit, a subsidiary of HYBE, stated that the discharge ceremony will be reserved for military personnel, without the participation of the general public.

“No special events are planned for the day of Jin’s discharge. To avoid problems arising from overcrowding, we recommend that fans do not visit the venue. Please convey your warm greetings and encouragement in your hearts,” the statement read.

Since June 2023, serving in the South Korean military, Jin is the first member of BTS to be discharged. The last will be Suga, 30, who will leave his military obligations in 2025. J-Hope, 30, is the next member of the group to be discharged, in October this year.

So that fans can meet Jin in person, BigHit organized an event on Thursday (13th) at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul. The occasion will also mark BTS’ 11 years of existence.

On the networks, the euphoria of internet users with the news generated several publications. Check out some reactions from Jin’s fans:

Source: CNN Brasil

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