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MG: man is arrested for failing to comply with a protective measure against an underage girlfriend

A 38-year-old man, identified as Guilherme Augusto Reis, was arrested for failing to comply with the protective measure against his 16-year-old girlfriend in the city of Ribeirão das Neves, in Minas Gerais. The case occurred on Saturday (8).

For Justice, Andreia Alves, the girl’s mother, reported that she decided to open the measure after the young woman changed her behavior and realized that it was her boyfriend’s influence. The couple had been together for three years, but the young woman’s behavior began to change in January.

“She is missing a lot of classes, she stopped doing everything, she stopped working out, we told her She didn’t respond to the message, she spent 20 days at her boyfriend’s house and one day at home, she didn’t do anything else with us,” Andreia told the court.

The teenager’s mother adds that, in the beginning, she supported the couple’s relationship because she wanted to have her daughter “close by”.

The minor left the house and got into a car, without returning to her residence, last Thursday (6). The teenager’s disappearance worried Andreia, which led her to register her daughter’s disappearance that same day.

After operations in search of the couple, the police went to Guilherme’s building. At the scene, through security cameras, it was seen that the man left his residence, driving a motorcycle, on the night the teenager’s disappearance was reported.

The team was alerted by these images, because the man could be fleeing and escaping radars on the city streets to avoid being located.

Thus, the police detected the motorcycle’s license plate, and verified that the space the man used in his condominium had another vehicle parked, which was not registered in his name.

On the same day, the team verified, through the building’s security cameras, that the man arrived at the building where he lives driving a motorcycle, which had no license plate.

So the police went to the condominium and approached the man there. During the conversation, at first, the man denied being with the minor, but after a while he confessed that he was with the teenager reported missing in a shed in a neighborhood in the city.

To the police, the man, who has a CAC, also reported that there were some ammunition inside his apartment. The agents went to the location and seized more than 30 pieces of ammunition, as well as two chargers and Guilherme’s telephone.

After that, the man offered to lead the team to the place where the minor was hiding. The girl was located in the Justinópolis neighborhood this Saturday (8).

Interrogated at the scene, the teenager informed the agents that she was in the company of Guilherme, and that he had left her alone to contact Andreia.

The minor was invited to go with the police, and the teenager’s mother was informed of her location. Regarding Guilherme, he received a prison sentence for the crimes committed, including the breach of the protective measure.

The girl began having a relationship with Guilherme at the age of thirteen, without her parents knowing. It was only after five months that the young woman’s parents became aware of the relationship, supporting the relationship.

A CNN tries to locate Guilherme’s defense for positioning.

Source: CNN Brasil

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