BTS’s RM takes Henry Cavill’s crown as the most handsome man in the world

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The portal T.C. Candler released the results of its annual survey to find out who is the most handsome man in the world and although we can not believe it, there was someone who beat Henry Cavill. It is nothing more and nothing less than RM, a member of the Korean group BTS.

For many girls, RM has earned this recognition for being one of the artists of k pop loved ones in the world and for his leadership, which helped make the group the global phenomenon it is today.

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Of course, the news did not take long to become popular due to ARMY, who have been in charge of turning notes that have something to do with BTS into a trend. Therefore it is not surprising that the fans have celebrated RM’s win over Henry Cavill on social media.

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RM, or Kim Nam-joon, his real name, is well known for being the rapper of the group. In fact, he was given the nickname RM for “Rap Monster”, which he decided to adopt after hearing the song. Rap Genius by San E, since the lyrics mention that “I should be called Rap Monster, since I rap non-stop”.


The most handsome man in the world according to the survey studied a degree in the specialty of Advertising and Communication at Hanyang University and last year it was learned that he continued to focus on studying Business Administration and even took Modern Art classes. He is quite an intellectual artist!

Kim Nam-joon

Nam-joon is one of the idols most recognized in the industry k pop, because her great talent and personality have allowed her to conquer the hearts of girls and women of all ages around the world. His qualities are enough to consider him the most handsome man above Henry Cavill, who came in second. It seems that Superman and his powers are not so flashy anymore. Will be?

Kim Namjoon and Henry Cavill

Source: Okchicas

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