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Buba’s reconciliation with his mother in “Renascer” moves the web: “What a strong scene”

In an unprecedented scene, the remake of “Reborn” moved the public with the reconciliation of Buba (Gabriela Medeiros) with Meire (Malu Galli), a decade after the psychologist was kicked out of her home for coming out as a trans woman.

Seeking to make peace with her past, the young girl was surprised to find her mother in the cemetery, while visiting her grandmother's grave.

Even without understanding the psychologist's gender identity, Meire opened her heart and asked for forgiveness for never having supported the character. “Forgive me if I couldn’t be the mother you needed,” she said.

Willing to rebuild her relationship with Buba, the character of Malu Galli he even invited his daughter to have coffee at his house — a moment that was marred by the arrival of Humberto (Guilherme Fontes).

With Jose Augusto (Renan Monteiro) on his side, Buba decided to leave with his head held high, moving the public once again with his mother's farewell.

Unlike her husband, Meire overcame all prejudices so as not to lose the love of her only daughter. “I love you so much, my daughter. So much. How much I missed you, how much I suffered all these years”, she admitted.

On social media, viewers made a point of praising the moment. “Strong but beautiful scene at the same time. I say and repeat, #reborn It’s art!” wrote one.

The scene is too beautiful Buba with her mother, both forgiving each other, accepting and loving each other”, said another. “This scene from Buba with your mother it’s so comforting and so sad at the same time”, said a third.


Source: CNN Brasil

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