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Bulgaria: President Radev gave Asen Vasilev an order to form a government

Bulgarian President Rumen Radev on Friday gave Asen Vasilev, a prime ministerial candidate nominated by the largest parliamentary group, Continuing the Change, the mandate to form a government.

Vasilev was accompanied to the ceremony by outgoing Prime Minister Kirill Petkov, former Speaker of the National Assembly Nikola Mitcheva and the chairman of the parliamentary group of the Continue the Change party, Andrei Gurov.

“I expect adequate solutions and the defense of the national interest to build a free, democratic, prosperous and European Bulgaria,” said Radev, giving the investigative mandate.

“Bulgarians are worried about rising prices and increasing uncertainty, and reforms and funding under the Recovery Plan have not yet come. Since yesterday we are also in an international crisis,” the head of state said, apparently referring to expulsion of 70 Russian diplomats from Bulgaria and Russia’s threat to close its mission in Bulgaria.

“Bulgarian citizens, society, institutions need security and predictability, a reliable protection of the public interest, which implies above all responsibility and an effort to form a stable government to meet the expectations of Bulgarian citizens,” said Radev.

“I see this as a huge responsibility. We are all clear that it is vital to have a cabinet in the crises that Bulgaria has to face. It is vital that this cabinet works in the interests of the citizens and not the establishment and that he really needs to defend Bulgarian interests and the independence of our country,” Vasilev added.

Coming from a nearly hour-long one-on-one meeting with the president, Vasilev told reporters that the Continuing Change party would first seek political support for the new cabinet’s program and talk about a composition. He noted that it is extremely important that this program be implemented within six months.

Vasilev commented that the next cabinet will need 121 MPs to clearly support the program when it is put to a vote in the plenary and who, as he put it, “will clearly oppose the big business interests that they tried to push through the previous government and this led to its collapse”.


Source: Capital

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