Bulk wine is a trend: all the addresses in Milan

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One of the most popular searches on Google? The sale of wine online, and that of bulk wine. The prolonged stay at home has raised domestic consumption of wine compared to that of bars and restaurants, and families have rediscovered a new habit: drinking a glass of wine at dinner, but perhaps also at lunch during smart working. Without fainting and without giving up the pleasure of genuine wine.

Bulk wine is no longer a product purchased exclusively by those who could not afford high-quality bottles. Indeed, but it has become a conscious choice, a sort of return to traditions. Once upon a time, many went to small producers and wineries to buy the demijohn to be bottled at home. But it takes time, space, a place to store the bottles and therefore bulk wine has simply made an old habit more modern and easier for a generation that wants to drink, wants to drink every day, wants to do it well but at a fair price. Not a wine to taste, a wine to drink.

Wine nerds know this well by now, so much so that even the city of Milan now offers wine bars everywhere where you can go and have the drink poured directly from the barrels. An absolutely democratic meeting point, which intrigues and brings together customers of all kinds. The product that arrives in the wineries often comes from local companies but it is not at all rare to find that behind there are also large wineries, which decide to sell the wine in bulk that does not end up in the upper level bottles. Relying on a trusted retailer is recommended today more than ever, in order to avoid “mix-ups” or cheating like a nice Barolo on tap. Better to focus on the type of grape (merlot, cabernet sauvignon, etc.), on a well-known Doc or IGP instead, and trust your instincts.

The «bag in box» it is nothing more than a sealed plastic bag that is filled with wine and placed inside a carton (literally a bag in a box) for convenience. The wine is poured by pressing a tap which in the meantime creates a vacuum inside the bag so that no oxidation occurs when no air enters: the wine can be kept for months, unaltered. In addition, it is protected from light, the cardboard is recycled and the plastic part is much more ecological and lighter than the equivalent in glass bottles. A 3-liter bag in box (even more in other cases) for example corresponds to four bottles of wine. In Northern Europe, where there are fewer foreclosures, it is all the rage and in Italy it is no longer only the social wineries with basic wines. For example, the Sfusobuono project was born, which sells it online and distributes it in Milan.

Let’s face it: more often than not, the organoleptic qualities of a tapped wine are superior to those of an entry level bottle offered by the supermarket. Think about how many labels are sold on the shelves for less than € 5, and try to think about production costs, labor in the vineyard and in the cellar, costs related to bottling, shipping and so on … Avoiding commercial compromises, wine on tap acquires its dignity: it has reduced bottling and transport costs therefore a reduced environmental impact, it gives us the possibility to choose a 0 km product preferring local companies, it allows you to use your own bottles or demijohns – and above all you can taste it first to buy it!

In the gallery, here are the addresses in Milan where you can buy bulk wine.

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