Lilibet “Lili” Diana: from the surprise of Queen Elizabeth for the name, to the joy of Archie

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One day after the announcement of the birth of Lilibet “Lili” Diana, second child of Harry of England and Meghan Markle, New details begin to emerge, from the background on the choice of the name, a tribute to Queen Elizabeth and Lady D, to the reactions of Buckingham Palace.

The fact that the Dukes of Sussex chose the monarch’s nickname as a child as the first name for the little girl did not go down to some royal watchers, who saw the gesture as a lack of respect rather than a tribute.

“Only the late Prince Philip now called Queen Lilibet”, Real affairs writer Angela Levine told a Good Morning Britain, judging the choice “Rude and humiliating”. Along the same lines, the journalist Piers Morgan, who defined the stunt as “ironic” considering that the Sussexes spent months “destroying the royal family and the monarchy.”

Harry and Meghan, however, would have asked the Queen’s permission before taking such an important step. This is what he reports Page Six, referring to the testimony of a source close to the family. Of different opinion the Daily Mail, even if it seems that the idea of ​​the name already circulated in the family.

“The Duke of Sussex is said to have told his grandmother that he could give his daughter her name, but he did not ask for the monarch’s express permission”. Perhaps it had been talked about, but without giving a definitive confirmation, so much so that in the end she would be the queen “surprise” of the decision, at least so it is clear from sources close to the palace.

Meanwhile, from California, news also arrives of the joy of Archie Harrison, two years old, eldest son of the Sussexes, “excited and very happy” for the birth of his little sister. It’s too early to play together but the two have certainly already started to get to know each other. Little Lili, as Harry and Meghan have said their daughter will be called, was born on Friday 4th June, and returned home with her mother.

To take care of her and start their new life as a family of four, the dukes will take a break from their activities. There is talk of several weeks, up to 20, hypothesized the journalist Omid Scobie, very close to the couple, who speaking with Good Morning America he has declared: “I don’t know anything about an olive branch but it shows how close they have always been to the queen.”

In the meantime, between congratulations and suspicions one wonders who registered the domain “”, purchased on the same day as the baby’s birth. Perhaps the dukes of Sussex themselves, or at least someone close to the couple who knew of the birth. Harry and Meghan, it is now clear, do not like to leave things to chance.

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