Bus fare in São Paulo will not increase in 2022, says Ricardo Nunes

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Municipal transport fares in São Paulo will not increase this year, according to Mayor Ricardo Nunes (MDB) said this Thursday (30). He stated that ticket prices will not be corrected in 2022, despite the increase in fuel prices and salary readjustments for drivers and collectors by 12.47%. According to Nunes, the city may pay R$ 4 billion in subsidies to guarantee the freezing of prices and not pass on the increase in costs to passengers.

The maintenance of municipal transport fares was ensured on the same day that the state governor and pre-candidate for reelection, Rodrigo Garcia (PSDB), informed that subway and train tickets (CPTM) will also not increase until the end of 2022. The same strategy will be used for tolls on São Paulo highways. The governor justified the measures with the economic crisis and the increase in prices that hit the pockets of Brazilians.

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“I spoke yesterday with Governor Rodrigo Garcia. he will not increase [a tarifa do] train and subway, and the city of São Paulo, therefore, will not increase the fare [do transporte municipal] this year”, said Ricardo Nunes. “Obviously, we are going to have to provide more subsidies.”

In his speech, the Chief Executive did not define the amount that will be transferred from the city hall, but said that the value of public resources in subsidies could be around R$ 4 billion, a value above the R$ 3.3 billion that were transferred in the previous years. The transport ticket has not been readjusted in the capital for two years.

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“There is no closed number [sobre o quanto vai aumentar de subsídio]. It will depend on whether diesel will increase or decrease, on the number of passengers. It’s June, and that’s a daily account. But today, on June 30th, we have a forecast of R$ 4 billion. But it can be more or less”, pondered the mayor.

According to Nunes, the decision not to increase the ticket was taken based on the economic and social conditions of the São Paulo population. “We understood that it is important to take this political, public action, because we are in an economic recovery. São Paulo is generating jobs, but there are 800,000 unemployed in the capital, which represents 11% of the active public that is looking for a job”, he stressed.

The announcement was made a day after the second strike of drivers and collectors in the month began. On Wednesday (29), both categories paralyzed activities for demanding paid lunch time, Profit Sharing (PLR) and career plan, among other benefits. More than 6,000 buses stopped running in the capital. The protest was repudiated by the mayor: “What happened yesterday was irresponsible, disrespectful to the city and a lack of commitment to the city”.

Source: CNN Brasil

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