By: The Lotter Draw of more than 3.5 billion reais of the US Powerball will be this Saturday!

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The American Powerball is one of the most famous lotteries in the world, not only for its huge prizes, but mainly for giving people from all over the world the chance to participate, even without residing in the United States. That’s why thousands of foreigners compete for these incredible prizes, even here in Brazil.

This week, more precisely on the night of Saturday , 4th of February, US Powerball will raffle a prize of 700 million dollars more of BRL 3.5 billion , is currently the biggest jackpot of all lotteries in the world. And Brazilians who want to compete, safely and conveniently, can buy official tickets online through TheLotter.

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In over 20 years, TheLotter has paid out over $115 million dollars for over 8 million winning tickets, including a woman from Panama who won a jackpot of $30 million and a man from Baghdad who won US$ 6.4 million – both prizes were from American lotteries.

To know if luck is on your side and make your dream of winning a prize of US$ 700 million come true, you need to take the first step: buy official US Powerball tickets on the website TheLotter.

How to buy official tickets from Brazil?

  1. Open a free account at TheLotter
  2. Go to lottery page powerball
  3. Choose five main numbers and one additional number
  4. Press the button to play at the bottom of the screen
  5. That’s it, your purchase is now confirmed!
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The agents of TheLotter purchase the physical tickets on behalf of the customer at licensed lottery outlets.

These tickets are scanned into TheLotter’s online system so players are assured they are participating, can view them directly in their account and access them whenever they want. When a ticket has the winning numbers, the player is immediately notified via email and text message (SMS).

Smaller prizes are deposited directly into players’ accounts. If the player wins a large prize, it needs to be picked up in person in the US. But TheLotter’s service takes care of everything, from travel expenses, to delivering the original physical ticket and collecting the prize.

But is it safe and legal?

Yes is yes!

THE TheLotter uses 128-bit SSL to ensure the security of personal data and all transactions. For any questions or further information, the professional customer service team is available 24/7.

The Powerball lottery allows foreigners to win prizes just as much as US residents. Therefore, playing Powerball online without leaving Brazil is completely legal. This means that Brazilians who participate online in the next Powerball draw have a chance of winning and claiming the prize in the United States.

With TheLotter, playing Powerball online is safe and legal. Furthermore, the prizes issued by TheLotter are 100% owned by the player, NO commission!

The next Powerball jackpot could have a winner from Brazil

“We have more and more Brazilians playing online in the world’s biggest lotteries – without leaving their homes, their computers or their smartphones, wherever they are” says Adrian Cooremans, spokesman for TheLotter. The next draw will be on this Saturday, 4th of February and who knows, the winner could be someone from Brazil!

For more information and to start playing, go to

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Source: CNN Brasil

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