Byte Computer: The reasoned opinion of the Board of Directors regarding the optional public offering

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The reasoned opinion of the Board of Directors of the Byte Computer company regarding the optional public offer of Ideal Holdings was published today by the listed company.

As the company notes, the reasoned opinion of the Board of Directors regarding the Public Offer is formulated as follows:

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1. The Offered Exchange:
a) fulfills the requirements of Law 3461/2006 and
b) falls within the Price Range determined by the Financial Advisor.

2. The Proposer’s business plans for the Company, as derived from the content of the Information Bulletin, are evaluated positively, as it is estimated that they will contribute to ensuring the continuation of the Company’s operation under the same business principles, based on the existing business plan.

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3. Given the Proposer’s statements in the Information Bulletin, the results of the Public Offer are not expected to negatively affect the interests of the Company, nor to create an adverse impact on the total number of employees in the Company as well as on their terms of employment, to the extent that they do not significant changes occur in the existing market and economic conditions.

4. The Public Proposal provides the Company’s shareholders with the possibility of disinvestment in exchange for a combination of cash and securities of the Proposer, which meets the conditions of Law 3461/2006.

It is pointed out that the above opinion of the Company’s Board of Directors constitutes a general evaluation of the terms of the Public Offer, solely on the basis of the documents cited in the Introduction, and does not constitute, nor can it be perceived, as an invitation or deterrence to the shareholders to accept or rejection of the Public Offer or in general for carrying out any transaction on the Company’s securities.

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