CAA: 80.9% increase in passenger traffic in 2021 compared to 2020

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Passenger traffic for the 12 months of 2021 at all airports in the country recorded a satisfactory increase as the provisional statistics of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) show an increase of +80.9% compared to the corresponding season last year, while compared to the corresponding 12 months of January / December 2019, where no bans and restrictions were imposed due to the pandemic, the drop reaches -44.2%.

Regarding the data of December 2021, they record a significant increase of passenger traffic + 367.3% (passenger traffic, arrivals / departures), while the arrivals of passengers from abroad record an increase of + 413.1% in December 2021 compared to 2020.

The provisional statistical data of the CAA for the passenger traffic of the airports in the 12 months of January / December 2021 show the following:

The total number of passengers handled reached 35.8 million, showing an increase of + 80.9% compared to the corresponding period of 2020 where 19.8 million passengers were handled. Regarding the number of flights at the country’s airports we also had a positive sign as they amounted to 384,248 of which 165,113 were domestic and 219,135 were international, showing an increase of + 51.5% compared to the corresponding period of 2020 where a total of 253,653 flights were operated.

Comparing the statistics with the 12 months (Jan / Dec) of 2019 when the flights were 526,155, for the year 2021 there is a drop -27% in aircraft traffic. In the total passenger traffic that was 64,169,005 in 2019, for the same examined 12 months of 2021 there is a decrease – 44.2%.

The statistics for December 2021 show an increase in the arrivals of international passengers + 413.1% and in the flights + 114.3%.

The picture of passenger traffic in December 2021 is positive as the provisional statistics record a satisfactory increase for the last month of last year. Specifically, in terms of passenger arrivals abroad in December 2021 came 457,773 travelers, while in December 2020 89,213 passengers had arrived, an increase of + 413.1%. The total number of flights (domestic and international) for the last month of 2021 amounted to 22,290, also recording an increase of + 114.3% compared to the corresponding month of 2020 where 10,401 flights were operated. The total number of passengers handled (arrivals / departures) in December of ’21 reached 1,769,600 passengers, showing an increase of + 367.3% compared to the passenger traffic of December of ’20, which was 378,656 passengers.

Comparing aviation data for December 2021 with December 2019 statistics, which did not have Covid-19 disease and flight restrictions, international passenger arrivals this year show a decrease of -38.4% (December 2019 was 743,014 passengers abroad) and the total passenger traffic at Greek airports decreased -29.3% (in December 2019 it was 2,503,206 passengers).

Source: AMPE

Source From: Capital

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