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Caio Blat talks about the possible adaptation of a work by Graciliano Ramos; know which

After being submerged in the universe of “Great Sertão: Veredas” by Guimarães Rosa, when playing Riobaldo in theater and cinema, the actor Caio Blat 44, can work with another Brazilian classic.

Without mentioning names, Blat spoke, in an interview with CNN that a director approached him to talk about a possible adaptation of “Anguish” in Graciliano Ramos .

“There is the possibility of making a new adaptation by Graciliano Ramos, which is “Angústia”, which is a book that I really like. It would be a dream come true too. I always had a passion for literature, I always tried to take it to the theater,” he said.

“I always have this love for words, for literature, before theater. I always think that a great work, a great film, begins with a great story, a great prosody, a great text”, he continued.

In 2017, the actor entered the universe of Guimarães Rosa with an adaptation of Bia Lessa by “Grande Sertão: Veredas” for theater and later for cinema, with the title “The Devil in the Street, in the Middle of the Whirlwind” . This year, he returns to the big screen with a new adaptation, this time directed by Guel Arraes .

Still in the world of literature, Blat played Macário in the adaptation of Álvares de Azevedo’s work for the theater at the beginning of the century.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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