Caixa defines payment schedules for truck driver and taxi driver aid

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The aid for truck drivers starts to be paid from next Tuesday (9) and the benefit for taxi drivers on Tuesday of the following week (16). As the benefit should have started in July, only in this first month, the payment will accumulate in R$ 2,000. Starting in September, the amount will be R$ 1,000.

Caixa Econômica has defined the payment schedule for temporary aid for truck drivers and taxi drivers, starting this month.

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No one needs to go to the bank in person to receive the funds.

The aid will be credited to a digital social savings account automatically opened on behalf of the beneficiaries, which can be accessed through the Caixa Tem app.

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Truck drivers and taxi drivers will receive the benefit monthly, with the last installment on December 17th.

“Truck drivers registered in the National Registry of Road Cargo Transporters (RNTRC) until May 31, 2022, a registry maintained by the National Land Transport Agency (ANTT) – Ministry of Infrastructure, and who meet the other criteria defined in the Interministerial Ordinance MTP/INFRA No. 6, of August 1, 2022”, says Caixa Econômica in a press release.

In the case of taxi drivers, the bank explains that “taxi drivers registered with city halls until May 31, 2022, who are holders of a concession, permit, license or authorization issued by the municipal or district government, and who meet to the other criteria defined in MTP Ordinance No. 2,162, of July 27, 2022”.

Source: CNN Brasil

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