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“Jô Soares was a genius in everything he did”, says actress Leona Cavalli

In an interview with CNN This Friday (5), actress Leona Cavalli, who was a friend of Jô Soares, said that the comedian was brilliant in everything he did and will be greatly missed.

“Jô is one of those people who will be greatly missed. We know his genius as an artist, he was a person who was genius in everything he did,” Leona said.

She remembers the times she was interviewed by the presenter and highlights Jô’s legacy.

“I think that of our generation, there’s no way not to remember Jô as a person, a genius artist. He was a person who welcomed everyone.”

The writer and comedian died in the early hours of this Friday (5), at the age of 84. He was hospitalized at Hospital Sírio-Libanês, in São Paulo, according to his advice.

The actress regrets the loss of her friend and emphasizes that the comedian and presenter brought inclusion.

“You watched Jô’s show and had a very different life, with completely different people. And the human being he was will be greatly missed”, laments Leona.

The cause of death will not be disclosed at the request of the family, who requested discretion, at the request of Jô himself.

Source: CNN Brasil

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